Red Bull Air Race 2018 - Abu Dhabi
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Red Bull Air Race 2018 - Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi plays host to the Red Bull Air Race for the 11th time in 2018 on Friday 02 and Saturday 03 February! It will once again set the scene as the action-packed season opener for a brand new World Championship.

    So that brings the 2018 Red Bull Air Race round 1 race in Abu Dhabi to a fitting close. After a nine-year wait, US pilot Mike Goulian took only his second ever race win in a long Red Bull Air Race career, taking the full 15 points at the top of the World Championship standings. British pilot Ben Murphy made his mark in his Master Class debut with a Round of 8 place, showing that he's got what it takes to go head-to-head with seasoned race pilots. There was upset for Matt Hall and Matthias Dolderer, two strong World Championship contenders who will be looking to wipe the slate clean and go all-out at the second stop in April. And for last year's runner up, Martin Sonka, a promising start but a hint of disappointment from the former fighter pilot.The Czech contender knows he's got his performance down, the team just needs to get the raceplane up to speed to vie for the podium top spot next time around. 

    Thanks for watching, thanks for your support and here's to a thrilling full-throttle ride for the first-ever World Championship stop in Cannes, France on April 21-22!

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